Stubborn Git Credentials Helper Prompt

After updating Git for Windows to version, I kept receiving a stubborn prompt to pick the location of the credential store for every single git command interacting with a remote. This was quite annoying and frustrating since this was not happening before the update.

I checked the global config setting for the credential helper and it was set to manager.

> git config --global credential.helper

Some quick searching on the internet turned up this issue in the Git for Windows repo. I found the solution (or maybe a workaround?) in one of the comments.

It seems the system configuration was set to use the helper-selector instead of the manager or newer manager-core.

> git config --system credential.helper

The fix was pretty easy just change the system credential helper to use manager-core like this:

> git config --system credential.helper manager-core

I don't know if this setting was not set in the system config before or if this is a new feature or maybe even just a bug. The system configuration is for the entire system and the global configuration is for the user. My expectation was that the user configuration would take precedence but maybe that is not the case.