Lemur Pro Smoking?

Disaster struck today.

This morning, I connected my Lemur Pro to a USB C hub and it just shut off and would not power back on. After giving it a few minutes, I disconnected the USB C hub and connected the standard power adapter and tried to turn it on again. It still didn't power on but this time a faint puff of smoke was visible coming out side near the USB C and power adapter ports. That was obviously not good.

I reached out to System76 support and let me say they were fantastic. After explaining what happened, they opened a RMA and sent me a shipping label to return my Lemur Pro for repairs.

Now the only problem is that I'm going to be without it for a few weeks while it is getting repaired. I guess it's back to Windows for a bit.

Update Oct. 2, 2020:

Received an update from System76 support today. It seems the power chip for the USB-C port burnt out. My Lemur Pro has been repaired an is on the way back from the shop.

Once again, System76 support and customer service has been phenomenal!